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Olga Kobylanska

Editor's Note: Olga's Dream Corner is dedicated to publishing translations of work by Olga Kobylanska as well as other Ukrainian writers and poets of the past. In addition you will read essays and see pictures of Ukraine, the country Olga loved with passion.

Olga Kobylanska Why Olga Kobylanska? We invite you to visit this website and learn through her work, and that of others why we need to make her words available to English speaking readers. To quote Victor Sherman, a Russian-born, New York based writer, "As to my words about Olga K., I believe she is one of the greatest women of our century. Unfortunately, she belonged not to England or USA, but to Ukraine which was to undergo all the burdens of Russian Civil War, Russification and Stalin's terror. Her message just was not appreciated the way it deserved.

"In NATURE she is one of the first in the world literature to introduce the possibility that woman is a 'stronger sex' and that she could have the upper hand in making decisions about relationships. For the first time in literature, a man's sexual attractiveness is seen from the woman's viewpoint. Olga concludes with the insight that although woman is strong, 'a queen,' she needs a king to insure the continuation of the line. Thus, she is aware that there is no succession without cooperation of 'equals'

"As to the verses you quoted from Mykola's poem To Olga Kobylanska (where it is suggested that Olga 'was not able to love. .') that is exactly the wail of the rejected man!"

Editors Note: Perhaps Olga 'chose' not to love!

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