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My Retreat offers writers, poets, and 'artists of life' a tranquil environment to write, read, paint, think, walk or just breathe. The retreat was founded in the spirit of Olga Kobylyanska, a famous Ukrainian writer. We strive to maintain cottages that facilitate a guest's need for individual space, quiet and the ability to go ones own pace. Cora Schwartz, the owner of My Retreat is a published writer. She is also the founder and editor of the Veranda Project whose mission is to bring the voices of Ukrainian writers to the English-speaking audience in America and Canada.

The retreat is considered a no-frills, lo-tech secret where one can focus and concentrate without distraction. There is wireless internet access. There is no phone or television, but most cell phones carriers have service here. Furnishings are simple and clean, with writing tables, good lighting and bedding. You will have use of a community kitchen, shared bathrooms and porches, living rooms and patios. The cottages can be used in a combination of ways from one person renting a "room of his or her own" to a group that rents an entire four-bedroom cottage. We welcome both men and women, singles, couples and small groups. There are no applications or qualifications for coming to My Retreat.

The retreat is usually UNHOSTED. This means guests will be made aware of how to gain access and will find their cottage prepared with kitchen and dining utensils, beds unmade but with linens and towels wrapped in plastic and everything needed to settle in quickly and efficiently. In an effort to keep rates down, guests are requested to leave their units the way they would want to find them. This includes stripping beds and towels before leaving and placing them in plastic bag. Vacuuming, sweeping, doing dishes, removing garbage and recycling and leaving your kitchen in tip-top condition are expected.

Aside from the cottages, there is a studio on the grounds for those who wish to work in complete silence and privacy. The studio has no running water but is otherwise a perfect setting for writing, painting or just relaxing away from others. There is a cot for napping and assorted furniture. Time in the studio might need to be scheduled if there are a few guests who want to use it.

The retreat is protected with a security system that can be controlled without the owner being there. The alarm will be disarmed when you call to let us know you are about to arrive. We will sometimes offer a shopping service if you are coming without a car. We will do whatever we can to make your stay comfortable so that next time someone asks you where you are going, you can say, “to my retreat.”

Our writers retreat is located in South Fallsburg (Sullivan County) in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains, 90 miles northwest of New York City. Though the retreat is on a quiet, dead end road surrounded by woods, the town of South Fallsburg is within walking distance. We are serviced by the Shortline Bus Company from Port Authority in NYC. The closest airport is Stewart International in Newburgh, New York.

Unlike many small towns in America, South Fallsburg has not been rediscovered, repainted, renovated or replanted. It is a real town, complete with peeling paint and an old fashioned Summer Play House, an artifact of Americana with a marquee comprised of bare light bulbs. One will not find boutique shops or gourmet food stores. We are walking distance to a small, local library, to a decent Chinese take-out restaurant, a liquor store and a 7-11 gas station. The nearest supermarket is 4 miles away. However in July and August there are kosher food stores that are open that are fully stocked and easy to walk to. Also during the summer months, the town is a diverse multi-ethnic community with a town park, (5 minute drive), a lake for rowing and a town pool.

Still have questions about My Retreat?

The following report from our favorite article about the new interest in rustic living may help (Wall Street Journal, Eileen Daspin). Ms.Daspin notes that
...the new countertrend is for rustic living. People want to be in a setting where they feel they don't have to do anything. They want to be part-time peasants; want to undo being jaded by round-the-clock creature comforts; to experience another side of the downscale one, the simple life...rustic living is the perfect PC antidote to the ‘90's excess and that a back-to basics retreat has a restorative effect.

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